Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Caraticus Sea

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I have a lot of free time when floating around in this gravity free box I call a space ship, so I like to pass the time by working on my editing skills. This is a remake of Caraticus Sea, well not really a remake as it is an outright theft of most of the images from that moment. I have left the old one up as a warning to all my other bad editing jobs. You’re time will come my friends.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Some new old photos

I have been lost in space for some time. I have updated all four of my blogs over the past month. Enjoy, I will be home soon.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Iner freaking out in space

This was my first time in space. Needless to say, things did not go all that well. How was I suppose to know that small confined areas in the vacuum of outer space would freak me out so much. I have since found ways of dealing with those freak outs, that I can't get into right now.

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The Analog Alien

This is some music from a band called the Fembots how they found there way on to my ship I'll probably never know, but what I do know is that it did some pretty messed up things to my brain.

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Laughing Stock

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This is another of those Fembots related incidents that I have no control over. I still can't figure out how they are doing this, how they keep invading my ship with there music, but when I do, and I will, well lets just say that them fancy boys won't be so fancy in there fanciness. I once had this chupacabra.....well that's another story.

Caraticus Sea transcending time and space

This is exactly what the title says it is Caraticus Sea transcending time and space. I could say it a few more times but you should really just watch the clip and all your questions will be answered. I think. No, but seriously this is how Caraticus is able to travel through the infinite cosmos with only the power of his mind, and his space ship maybe.

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Iner talking about Caraticus Sea on Bravo TV

In this clip from the same Bravo special I talk about my space suit for a few seconds.
Really this is just a way for me to say I was on TV.

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Ok I truly am a silly bastard, but sometimes intergalactic space travel will have that effect on your already strained mind.

Another Fembot invasion

View this clip on VimeoSo this is another track I used from those aliens that call themselves Fembots. It really doesn’t have to do with Caraticus Sea, but it’s Sci-fi, and this is where all the sci-fi goes. All of the images were taken from the internet.
Here are some archival images from one of my first adventures in space. On the left you can see the classic freaking out in space picture shot by my dog Rockstar. Quite an eye that dog had for photography, she always new how to capture the moment.

On the right you can see a pretty good shot of the ship pre rebuild. That image was taken just west of the Vega system. Beautiful place to summer

As you can plainly see I met up with quite a few different alien life forms. It would appear that the universe is teaming with life after all. It’s not that our combined governments were keeping any great secrets from us, it just that we live in the ass end of the Galaxy, and know body but the Grays are interested in traveling that far. This brings me to the first of three that I met out there. To your left is the classic “Gray Alien” these guys are crazy little drones that like to party and are into certain unmentionable probing. Don’t get drunk around these asexual creatures; I’ve seen them travel hundreds of millions of light years due to there bizarre fetishes. Just as a side note these aliens are pinked skinned, but they all originate from the same source, whose last name was in fact Gray. Go figure. The happy young creature you are looking at is named Phil.

Moving right along and to the right you can see an image of a race whose name I never heard. They are a terribly xenophobic race. So much so that you will never see one of these sociable creatures without air ventilating mask on, they are afraid to breath in the same air as any other life form that has not originated from there planet. They consider us to be dirty and below them, which I can kind of understand. The thing that gets me is that they kind of worship the Grays. Phil to be exact and that guy is a freak.
And lastly we come to a race that is made up entirely of multiple eyeballs. These bulbous creatures always freak me out. I don’t know how many time I caught one or two of them staring at me, judging me. There was a song written about one of them a few years back. I won’t give you the name of the artist who recorded it because I don’t like to drop names, but let me give you this little bit of info. He’s not from around here.

You might notice the quality of these images to be a bit on the dodgy side. About thirty years ago I got caught in the magnetic field of a neutron star. Anybody that knows anything about stars will tell you that that ain’t good. I just barely made it out alive,
and man did that ship need an overhaul.

Finally we have a few shots of the brain of my ship. This is what keeps that bucket of bolts
running as smoothly as a fine Swedish time piece. I only have to repair it about every other day. Why oh why did I use scrap metal and busted down computers to build my spaceship? I guess I can just chalk it up as a lesson well learnt. That’s all for now, I am on my way to Mars to see if I can’t get my hands on all the crashed probes they sent there. That should have a few good components, even though they were built by Nasa.

Iner over and out.